It would take a miracle for the democrats to prevail in 2022. What “miracle” could they possibly fenagle in a limited amount of time. They’ve tried scare tactics, lockdowns, hypnosis, pay-for-jab offers, and more. Nothing has worked. But….if they could end the (fake) pandemic…there’s hope. Why not? They manufactured the pandemic. They can make it go away. OMG…could that have been the plan all along? Let’s review the “Pandemic Progress”. 

Fauci and Gates Fund GOF in Wuhan

Wuhan releases man-made virus

Vaccine needed to save the world

Trump – We can do this

Liberals Against Trump’s Vaccine

Lockdown – 15 days to stop the spread

Liberals Steal Election with mail-in voting…necessary due to lockdowns. 

Used Trump’s Ego To Roll Out The Vaccines that were in the works months before

Swamp invests in vaccine

Liberals Now for the vaccine

White House, CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma (literally) push vaccines. 

Illegal mandates fail

Red states fairing well

Vaccine hesitancy no going away

Omicron not taking off like they planned / needed

The end of the campaign is coming

Gates shows disappointment in video interview

Fauci (in video interview) admits vaccine may make people sick…wouldn’t be the first time he says

How do they wiggle out of this?

Blame Big Pharma….never could be trusted anyway. 

Big Pharma had one job….the vaccine …they fucked up…wouldn’t be the first time

The vaccines they gave us do not work…maybe big-pharma duped us for the money. Trump was in on it

Omicron turns out to be the savior…. everyone gets it….finally herd immunity…Covid over

Mid-terms are here.. Trump and big pharma fucked us.

Millions got sick needlessly from COVID and the vaccines.

10s of thousands died unnecessarily from COVID and the vaccines. The inflated death-with-covid numbers will come in handy here…once again. Repurposed propaganda….efficiency!

Cost us billions

Vote Democrat – We saved the world from Trump and Big Pharma.